Message from the committee

The Kiwanis Club of Hull terminates the activities of Gatineau International Kiwanis Midget Tournament.
Thank you all for your support.

Newspaper articles (french):
Thursday April 9, 2020
Not available

Champions (2012)

AAA Hudson Travel Group Conference
South Central Coyotes
AA St-Hubert Restaurants Conference
Basse Laurentides Conquérants
AAA Hudson Travel Group Conference
( )
Midget Kiwanis
AA St-Hubert Restaurants Conference
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Trophies (2012)

Hudson Travel Group Conference
Category Recipient
Champions South Central Coyotes
Finalists Halifax Titans
Best scorer #19 Alex Hazelhurst fron Halifax titans
Best goalie #1 Darren Smith from South Central Coyotes
Most valuable player #15 Aaron Spivak from South Central Coyotes
Most spectacular player #9 John Nagafi from South Central Coyotes
Most discipline team Halifax Titans
Pepsi-Cola Conference
Category Recipient
Champions Basse Laurentides Conquérants
Finalists Beauval Phoenix
Best scorer #94 Cédric Dandurand from Beauval Phoenix
Best goalie #30 Cédric Séguin from Beauval Phoenix
Most valuable player #65 Guillaume Dugas from Basse Laurentides Conquérants
Most spectacular player #49 Maxime Gagnon from Outaouais Intrépide
Most discipline team Beauval Phoenix

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